The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum

Gypsum, OH -- Once known as a small, quiet mining town several miles from Lake Erie, the town has recently been experiencing rather odd and strange occurrences by locals.
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 The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum plot summary

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The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum plot summary Empty
PostSubject: The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum plot summary   The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum plot summary Icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2015 2:18 am

*************PLEASE READ THE RULES IN THE RULES******************
************THREAD BEFORE CREATING A CHARACTER*****************

Gypsum originally started off as a mining town that mined the mineral gypsum until they decided to close the mines in the 1970's due to the erosion and sinkholes it began to cause throughout the town. As the spring of 2015 has been approaching, sinkhole season has begun and strange portals and creatures have recently been popping up around town. Some folks began to go missing as some were curious as to where these portals led. Some returned, some didn't. Strange creatures were also being spotted around town that were clearly not native to the area and several attacks had even been reported. The majority of those falling victim to the strange portals, however, have been curious students from the local high school....

Another interesting factor of this town is that there is a small supernatural community (vampires, garou, fera, fae, changelings, mages, hunters, & geists), however each are unaware of any of the races residing in town, unless two person belonged to that same race.

***Please be aware: Humans are encouraged to be played, however should you wish to play one of the the supernatural creatures listed above, it should be portrayed as those from the White Wolf Gaming: World of Darkess versions of them (the links for each will be provided below). Any other supernatural creature wanting to be played MUST first be approved by the HST (head storyteller) before you proceed to RP, in the case that revisions need to be made. Failure to do so will result in a warning and red-lining of scenes.








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The Erie Phenomenon of Gypsum plot summary
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